Monday, September 17, 2012

Do you know about MANIACS???


So I don´t think you have ever met a MANIAC until you meet a Spanish Discover Scuba Diver!!
So first time evr in the water.

During the time you do the briefing, they struggle to listen, because is siesta time...
Then you finish the briefing and they have 10 000 questions that have NOTHING to do with what you actually explained....
As well, they take you aside and tell you very discritly that they are a little scared, so you let them know that everything is going to be ok, and is normal to feel like that the first time.
You take them on the boat, is winddy and a little wavy, so they try to look relax been very loud and making very bad jokes, and god they are messy!!!!

As well they can not stop smoking, and smoking, and is wavy anyway, so all the splahes of water turn off they cigarettes...

So we jump in the water, please guys swim to the line, Rob is in the water and everybody is everywhere because first NOBODY listen and NO ONE speaks English anyway ( we live in one of the most touristic Island in the world!!!).
The descent, was interesting, they decided they are very confortable, so they all want to do their own thing... so the first 2 minutes underwater we are like shephard dog bringing everyone together and been TOTALLY ignored!!!

Anyway, all of them were great, but man they are MANIACS!!!

The funiest thing: The face of Michel and Rob, they are not use to Spanish divers at all!!!!

The A team!!!