Thursday, September 13, 2012


... Is a grey day.

It´s rainning from 5 in the morning more or less and the sea is angry...
We had a full boat this morning, but when I was leaving my house the captain call me.
- "Good morning Isa, what are we going to do?
- We´re going to Formentera!!
- Have you seen the sea???"

And that was it!!!
So no boat in the morning... so here we are, at the dive centre, cleaning, organising and waiting for my yoga class at 12:00 basically!

Actually, I think Michel is watching a movie, Jandro is shaving and Rob just went to do his laundry to be fair!! but hey, what can you do in a rainny day with an angry sea???

I can think about a million things:
Take a walk on the beach
Have breakfast in a cosy place and watch the rain fall in the other side of the window
Stay under the duvet, read, cuddle or other things...
Go to an Ashtanga class and strech your body to the infinity and beyong
Smell the earth, is one of the best smells ever
Have a coffee, or 2, or 3

And I can carry on, and on about it...

I love rainny days.
Because after the rain, eventually, the sun comes back, and everything is more shinny and pretty.

Is like been cold underwater, and when you come out, you have the sun warming up your body, and it feels so good!

Little pleasures in life, that just make me smile....