Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lots of fun!!!

So first my new favourite song for the past week!!!

Yesterday was a super evening!!
First CONGRATULATION to Christophe and Emilie to become husband and wife! you guys are amazing, super incredible couple!
So great Christophe to see you getting married!!

Anyway, the thing is that I have a story about the pre wedding.
I´m really not a dress person (i mean girl) so I didn´t really want to get a new dress to go for the wedding and never use it again...
So I decided to get a nice black short, very simple, very elegant!
I send a picture to my mum and my sister with my first combination, and they say: are you crazy?? you can´t go to a wedding with shorts!!
But because I don´t really care and I just want to be confortable... I didn´t listen... and carry on with my idea of mega short, high heels and black open back T-shirt 3 euros in Thailand!!!
And that´s what I was wearing to the flower power on tuesday just to give it a try (see the pics from the other day), and that was I planned to wear at the wedding.
So yesterday, before picking up my mum at the airport, I received a forwarded email from my mum where it was very clear in the dress code: girls in colourful dresses please: SHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!!

Never mind, I went with my black shorts and hey, what can I say, short are the NEW dress!!!
Many people told me that I was so pretty and they mistaked me with my 5 years younger sister!!!! NICEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

It was a great night, with an amazing moon, strange phenomenon called Blue moon, with a very different energy!
It was just great!

Wish you guys really all the best, peace and love in your life!