Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just a little....

.... Hello everyone!

I'm just having a little bit of technology today, so I'm using it to give some news too!

February has been a busy short month, full of things to do, full of things we did.
So that is like mission accomplished.

Went to KL for the VISA extension, it was cool to be in a city and KL is a very very cool city.
Walk a lot, took many go pro pictures, had a lot of food and the most disgusting coffee I have ever tested! So awful that when the guy brought it to the table he waited for me to have a sip and ask me:
"Is it ok, or is really bad?" hahahahahaha, that was so funny that I said is OK, but inside I was nearly vomiting! shame.

Then bank to the Island and then to BKK for a course, 3 days in BKK, again, lots of walking, lots of food and the course that actually was in Pattaya... very horrible place apparently, I didn't really see any of it!

Then now here, is amazing weather, the sea is beautiful and the sunsets the best!

And even if I'm reading books most of the day, and walking a lot (what's wrong with me and walking lately?), strange things keep happening to me, like yesterday for instance when I was walking down to the beach to see the sunset and this tall, ultra skinny girl carrying two massive coconuts (true story), stop me in the middle of the track and tells me:
-I like your shorts, did you buy them here
- thank you, no I bought them in Spain, but i'm sure they come from Thailand :-)
- Oh, you come from Spain, my sister lives in Madrid
- Really, I come from Madrid
And the answer was: I SWEAR
- So did you buy your shorts in Barcelona
Me in my head: ?????????????????????

Anyway... weird conversation for 5 more minutes, plus some stocking on the beach asking me to take care of her stuff and then she went for a swim and when she came back an hour later she was thanking me 10 000 times...
Karl said I'm a freak magnet... maybe....

Sunsets and the world upside down, love it!

KL, very colourful phone cabines

KL by night

KL by night, shit I love it!

BKK tuck tuck

of course.....