Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Voyage voyage...

… and London!
Oh my god it’s freezing! It’s so cold that all my sun wrinkles are gone! J
So after 4 days in Bangkok, basically eating, walking around and asking Buddha many times to give a hand to all my loving ones and to me (pleaseeeeee), all of it under 35 degrees, nice and sunny, now I’m trying to breath at 5 degrees… and I don’t know if I will make it!
I’m going to have to put 3 or 4 layers of bikinis to keep me warm!

Random stories:

The day before leaving Koh Lanta I went for Brazilian waxing: NEVER do that in Thailand.
I think I have never been so scared/embarrassed in my life. If you don’t know what Brazilian waxing is, please google it, because I won’t explain it, but you know what they use: wax made with honey and sugar (that’s ok, super BIO, my mum would be proud) and to extend it: A KNIFE!!!!! Imagine my face!! What are you doing??? A cake??? And of course you just freeze, because you feel the danger!!

The trip from Lanta to Bkk was in the night train, I love the night train. It’s confi and you just sleep all the way…
And man… I heart Bkk! The mess of this city is just incredible. Every corner it’s a story (a random one, my kind of story). I can’t stop pointing at things… most of the  time I stare at people and look like a retarded… but that’s most of the time anyway.

Today from this freezing country I have a little messge:
Joyeux anniversaire Titoon! We are all getting old!! Hahahahaha
Pour feter ton annif, j’ai repare ma dent!! Maintenant après 13 ans, je ne ressemble plus a un pirate mais j’ai un sourire Colgate again!!!

Tomorrow: Picking up the hairy boys!!! yuhuuuuuuu