Sunday, March 17, 2013


.... it really bang me into the soul.

I have always been a miss fit, and that's ok, because I like it this way.
Been different doesn't scare me at all.

But there is little moments in my life, when I realise, that I'm really in the place I meant to be... and that makes me feel so good.

Talking with my dad until 2am in the morning, Laughing with my sisters and niece, at the market with my mum, big meals with my family, a glass of wine with the goats, and UNDERWATER.

For the last few days I have been teaching a Rescue course, and I was just diving when I look around me and really said to myself:
I'm exactly where i meant to be, doing exactly what I meant to be doing.
That was actually very emotional to me, because I felt very lucky, very happy.
In my world, to feel so good about myself doesn't happen very often, so from now on, I'm going to remind myself how good life is, everyday!

I love my job, my life, my diving, my travelling around, my gypsy heart, my unplanned soul, my messy mind, my heartbeat actions... with no brain involve ;-)

Peace and Love for all of you!

Merci encore mon petit Bernard adore!!
ps: tu m'as laisser des trucs machin chose au choco et beurk beurre sale??? xxx