Friday, August 10, 2012


I have an excuse to be socially retarded!!


Actually I have been very busy and Jandro is here so a lot of going out going on!!

Flower Power in Pacha, where my very drunk captain decided to get a Tshirt for me that must have cost him a fortune!
We danced lots, and flower power party is always a very happy and pretty fiesta!

Next day, hard, hard to wake up at 7 when we went to bed at 5!!!
Rob didn´t make it!!! OLD MAN.
Karl was up, Jandro was up and I was up: we are champions!!!

Yesterday night we went to this amazing party in Atzaro.
Such a beautifull place.
It was like a little festival of graffity and street art!
Good music, beautiful people, and very nice wine!
We saw Goldie (apparently famous...)
and this Banksy was there, with no price, so I nearly took it!!

They say Banksy was there too... but no one knows who he is so.... shame!!! hahahahahaha....

Here I am, at the dive centre, socializing a little to don´t be red flagged!!

I have 2 OW students doing there exams, and I had 6 Aow students this morning.
We went to the Don Pedro, a ferry that sunk on 2007, and it was VERY COLD!!!!

But is all good!!
Sun is shinning, sea is blue and calm, the island is drifting somewhere, and I have a smile on my face!!

Lots of love