Monday, August 27, 2012

My bag full of nothing!

Again, has been a while...

Friends, work, paty, dog and cat.... make my life pretty busy... but always with a smile (ok, ok, lets be honest... not always... but most of the time!).

Karl´s best friend is here, Faye.
She is such an inspiring woman, and to speak with her and spend time with her is always a very nice, relaxing and interesting moment.
They staying in San Antonio, so we went to see them and watch the sun set in Kumaras. It was amazing.
How amazing are sun sets!!!
Then fire works and then the moon was orange! Orange! so pretty!
Nature has amazing ways to show you so much beauty!

On the 31 I have a wedding, so the other day I went shopping with Fiona.
I decided that I didn´t want to wear a dress for the wedding, but a short! Fiona was trying to explain to me that you can not wear a short at a wedding, and that in Scottland they will never do that, but hey:
A) Scottland is freezing
B) In Scottland men wear skirts
C) I hate to wear things that I´m unconfortable in...

So anyway, we went to Mango, pick a short, Fiona picked an amazing shirt, and here I am, going to a wedding in shorts, shirt and amazingly hight hills!! yes yes... it´s me talking....

We didn´t get the shoes on saturday, so on sunday morning I was in a shoes mission.
I ask Karl to please come with me, because shopping is really no my thing...
So I got a pair of shoes so high that i look like a giraffe!!! hahahahaha
They are so pretty tho, very hippy!!!

Anyway, I will post some pics of the outfit... maybe....

Here some pictures of the week end!

Love you all