Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life is good!

Ohwauuuu, is wednesday already!

As usual my life has been going very fast!
Saturday morning, we came to the dive centre to drop Mica and Jandro off, and to be taken to the ferry to go to DENIA!!!
It was so nice!
To be in a little piece of paradise with my family!
My sister, my niece, parents, uncle and aunt and my little cousines!
So much fun, so much food, loved every second of it!
Is so funny to see my niece, doing exactly the same that we use to do when we were her age.
Putting the bikini at 7h00 in the morning and swimming in the sea until 10h00 at night! love this feeling of freedom, that is actually not a feeling... it´s just freedom!!

We came back on sunday afternoon and with Jandro we decided to go and see the shutting stars... we saw 4... not many... but it was nice!
The night after that, Karl and Nathalia came as well, and Mayday actually, and we all sat on a field in the middle of nowhere (is such a nice feeling to be nowhere), and we saw a few more: they are so pretty!!
Full of wishes! I love to believe that you can ask for wishes to the stars and things may happen... or not!

Yesterday afternoon I went to yoga, I was soooooo tired.... i nearly died!
We were a lot of people in the class, it was hot, too hot and I was tired.... so I understand now the feeling of Rebecca and Fiona when they came to yoga and hated it!! ;-)
I will be there tomorrow, it´s a love hate relationship!

Other than that, life is good, sun is shinning, sea is blue and I keep trying to build castles in the sky!
Drifting on my island to nowhere in particular, but trying to enjoy every little moment of my life!

I would love to put some pictures of the week end, but my niece is very young and my sister will hate to have her on internet!
Maybe I can find some where she is in camuflage!!!

Lots of love

PS: When my niece does yoga, she put her hands on pray and say: NAMASTE!!