Monday, August 6, 2012

It was a time...

When I stopped beliving...
I stopped dreaming...
I stopped breathing...
And my heart was heavy and painful,
and my eyes were sad,
and my body was heavy... difficult to carry around...

And I woke up.
I stepped out of my nightmare, and looked at myself.
I didn´t liked what I was looking at.
I didn´t like the sadness I was creating around me.
To all this people that care and love me.

I made myself a cup of coffee,
I went to work.
I decided to smile.
I decided to don´t stress.
I decided to belive again, to dream again,
I decided to finally ¨build my casttles in the sky
Step by step.

I want to worry for the people I care for and care for me.
Give my love, and my heart to the ones that deserve it.
Smile truely and fully with the ones I love.
I if I need to get angry, do it with the one that made this feeling raise in me.
Eat more Ice cream,
See more world.
Run in the fields, and swim in all the seas.
Hug my niece, hug my sisters, family, my friends, and MY VERY BEST FRIENDS.