Wednesday, January 30, 2013



This time has been long for sure… very long… so long, that I’m going back to PP tomorrow for another IDC and I have not put any news on my delirious page since I left last.
Shame on me… but not really… I have been having far to much fun ;-)

Before I left PP, Bernard arrived from Ibiza, do you remember Bernard?? He was doing his IDC in Ibiza, he is from Belgium and have a very surrealistic sense of humor!! Hahahaha

Anyway, 2 days before the end of the IDC he came over and spent 2 days in PP, then came over to Phuket to the IE and then came with me to my lovely island (he is thinking about moving here forever!!).

The first day back in Lanta, relax and doing nothing during the all day was in the menu, but in the afternoon, Bernard booked his full diving holidays, with his amazing private guide (that will be me, sorry but my grand mother is too far to tell me how amazing I am… J).
So, started diving the next day!!
Julie came over too for some time off after her IE so we were the 3 of diving during the first 3 days.

Koh Bida the first day…. Nothing to declare, just good fun, with 2 Swedish guys as well, that were very serious at the beginning, but as soon as you scrach the surface, were really, really fun (I think they really love the fact that I hated monkeys and the fact that I was attacked by a trigger fish…mmmmm).

Hin Muang, Hin Daeng, amazing, healthy, beautiful corals, so much fun, millions and millions of fish… just fun
Even more fun when my computer start telling me that I am at 7m when I am at 15, and when the temperature goes from -50 (brrrrrrrrrrr) to 114 degrees Celsius… interesting!!! So my computer D4 number 2 is in reparation… about my D4 number 1, news to come shortly….

Koh haa, then there is something to declare… The dive started really nice, and happy and blue and great… perfect really, we saw a bat dead under a coral… scuba failure bat really… we had 2 other guests with us, so I had to go up a little before the guys. So I left Bernard on charge of finishing the dive.
When Julie and Bernard arrive on the boat, Julie is shouting to Bernard (Bernard is the calmest, nicest person ever, and Julie… she is a Latin…). So here they are, in a very bad mood, and Julie saying every 2 words, “I could have died”… shit, what happened?
I heve to tell you something before I carry on: while I was working in the Maldives, the water sometimes was getting cold, so we were all wearing long wet suits. Long wet suits, cold water and long dive: you piss in your wet suit, that’s the way it is…
So my friend Nicola told me a trick: you put yourself upside down, blow bubbles from your alternate air source, and that will clean the piss out of your wet suit. The first time I did it, I forgot to get my booties out of my wet suit, so I was full of air (and piss), going up, up side down, laughing really hard and been very ridiculous. Anyway, when I told the trick to Julie, I said: ”don’t forget to make sure that your booties are out of your wet suit”. The answer was “ yeah yeah, for sure, I’m not so silly” okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
So what happened underwater is that Julie piss in her wet suit, got full of air inside, grab a stone to try to stay down and start shouting to Bernard to come and rescue, but because Julie shouts a lot, Bernard was thinking that she was trying to show him something… and that was it…
When Julie was telling me the story, I started laughing so hard, that I didn’t make things better… but at the end… everything was fine, Julie decided to stop been angry and start been happy… so much better.

After this 3 days diving, 9 dives in total and lots of giggling, we took a day off.
The night before, everyone came to our place for some drinks and some bqq chicken. It was so much fun, and amazing to have all the Kontiki crew, plus David and Niclas (the 2 Swedish guys that were diving with us on day one). We were over 20 people on our terrace and it was lovely.
Julie went back to PP the next day, and we chill during the day and went for a lovely sunset!

Koh rock, I have been saying that I destroy the computers because of my magnetic field… no body believes me… but I believe me… we were doing our dives with Bernard and suddently his computer start saying at 9.5m that the NDL is 1 minutes, and 1 second later 59 minutes and 1 second later 2 minutes and 1 second later 64 minutes… very funny, but not really, D9 destroyed!! 12 dives, 2 computers down….

Hin Muang, Hin Daeng, nice crazy currents… yuhuuuu, loved it! Kine came diving with us, and we decided to attack divers that were literally lying on coral!! A little bit of underwater police! Was fun tho!!

TO BE CONTINUED... later tonight...