Monday, January 14, 2013


... I have known my niece for 3 years!!!
I have adore and love my niece for 3 years.

Thank you Ines to:

1- Be born while we were watching watching the most amazing sun eclipse in the Maldives, the best news, in one of the most beautiful place in the world.

2- Slam my face in the worst time of my life, while I was trying to meditate about my future, you opened my eyes... for sure.

3- Give me positive energy, and make me laugh so hard, even when in you country is so cold

4- Teach me how to be naive, and believe that to have elephant and penguins sleeping in the bedroom is totally normal.

5- Love your Tigr-Isa so much.

6- To sing Paradise from Coldplay even when you wear a flamenco dress

7- Come so quietly into the room in the morning, and just watch me sleep, until I open one eye and you climb under the duvet

8- Be an excellent reason to eat sweets and ice creams all the time

9- Give hugs, kisses and then ignore me because you know I love you unconditionally  (you can be such a girl!!).

10- Make my sister so happy, and all the rest of the family.

Happy Birthday little one, and remember that you are very lucky to don't know how to read yet, otherwise you will have to read the blog of your very cheesy aunty!!!