Saturday, January 5, 2013


So what happen to me yesterday, to make me see how idiot is the human "bean" (that's for you Karlitos).
So I took the early morning boat to Phiphi, I arrived at the pier even earlier, but it was just an hour to wait. Check in (you show your ticket, they give you a sticker with where you are going just in case you forget on the way) was at 7h30, went into the boat that was leaving at 8h. At 7h55 the boat was still empty, just me an another family, and then suddenly, rivers of people from every nationality start to come on board, no more sitting space, no problem, plenty (not) of outside area.
No many people was going to Phiphi, a lot were going to Phuket (4 of January, close airport... of course!).
Phuket bag are outside, totally blocking the door at the back of the boat, the only door that allowed you to go to the toilet, or to escape, without having to walk on 50 persons sitting on the side on the boat (each side, one was vomiting... lovely).
So I stay there, quiet, looking, and thinking: I can fit through the window, if the boat start sicking, that's good!
And there we go, it's 8h45, sweaty people, complaining everywhere (all enjoying the Thai experience), and then this little muslim girl, start walking around with this massive carton box of oily smelly donut... mmmmmm... yami!
Is not like people are starving or anything in a one hour boat ride!!! come on!!
We arrive to the bay of Phiphi, and I was excited, first because we didn't sinck, and second because I thought wuaaaaaauuuu I'm going to be there at 9h30, good timing!Silly, silly me!
The little muslim girl has a voice, and what a strong one! She start shouting: PHUKET, PHUKET this way!!! and pointing at the sides of the boat. I mean, where do you expect exactly all this people to move too??
But she insist, one more time and people start moving, all at the same time, and all at the same side: did I mention that we are on a boat?
Finally, another boat arrives. It's even more full of people, Looks like a cartoon, with people hanging out of the boat from every side.
The face of the 100 people on the boat.... just made me smile...
People start to get angry, and nothing has happened already.
The best part is to come.
The Thai staff start throwing all the bags (on the Phuket side, very organised this little Thais), into the Phuket boat, all of them, people are no even moving yet, because there is so many of them!
Then the muslim sweet heart said:
No possible every people on this boat, maybe wait next boat at the pier 11h30.

So guess what....

People actually starting jumping out the window to be on the boat with the bags, and the captain got so pissed of, that he drove away!!!
So half of the boat had there bags direction Phuket.... and the other half probably sunk yesterday on the way to Phuket....

You have to love people!
What I do really love is people watching, and NO I'm not discreet, and yes, I find all this situations very funny! (I probably had jump through the window too,  but for sure I wouldn't be angry because I had 5 donuts, and I can't go through the window and that's why I lost my bag).

So the moral of the story, is that people are retarded to eat DONUTS: they are BAD for you!!!



ps: Thank you to read my randomness...