Thursday, January 31, 2013


Koh haa, we went back and it was awesome!!! Karl and Jonathan came along on the dive, and we saw so many stuff. I found 3 ghost pipe fish and Karl found a turtle and a little shrimp.. that even if I asked karl about 10000 times the name, I can’t remember… sorry… fish memory.

Koh Bida, last day diving for Bernard L it was cool tho… I think Bernard was very sad… and actually, us too… we had so much fun and it was super cool to be all together on the boat every day!

Day off before the return. We went to the water falls, that was very nice, even when on the way back, a guide (we didn’t have any guide), looked at Karl very serious and said: there is a big cobra on the path…. Yuhuuuu, we went so fast on the way back, that’s for sure, I was freaking out, but at the same time siging the Indiana jones song in my head…
We stop at a very nice bakery and got some cakes for diner, got some bottles of wine and went to say bye bye to the boat crew… that was sad for Bernard…they are so amazing.
We had a lovely last diner together on our terrace and said our good byes.
Bernard you are amazing!

Today I took the ferry to PP again, and started a new IDC.
February is going to be a crazy month… but hey, nothing is too crazy when you do what you really want to do!

I send you all love, and will be super in touch for the next 10 days.. and then… it will be silence again… sorry, but on the hills… internet doesn’t happen! xxx