Friday, June 14, 2013

all because...

... of loving the sun!

So that's it! apparently, I'm out of date! hahaha!
Went to the pharmacy to buy a cream for my face, to protect and regenerate the skin (IMAGINE!!), yes, yes, this is Isa writing, hello, hello, yes, I bought my first cream for the face!! OMG... I'm fucked! or at least, as I say, out of date, like the mouldy bread! hahahaha

Anyway, not only the cream was 42 euros, 42!! (shame that you can't see my eyes opening huge every time I think I say the price in my head, again, 42!!!), but the girl in the Pharmacy told me that at our age is normal to start taking care of our face, OUR AGE???!!! (Again, my eyes opening huge!), I nearly punch her in the face, but to be fair, she is sweet and probably... just 20!! ;-)

So other than that, is not sunday and I manage to write a little on my blog...
Sun is shining in Ibiza and the sea is beautiful... so I guess, I'm happy!

Bernard sent me some pics from the photographer the other night at the B12 gallery...
so here is a little bit of glamour (even before using 42 euros cream!!).



Je sias maman: Isabelle, tiens toi droite! mais je suis super concentrée et je ne savais pas que le photographe de la galerie me prenais en photo...

les beaux au fond!! ;-)

Now I have to study... so... a bientot!

ps: tonight, I think is going to be an amazing night (sunset, sushi, Cala Comta! yuhuuuuuu).