Sunday, June 9, 2013


... is sunday again!
It seems that I only get the time to write in the blog on sundays...
Has been a busy week, and until I don't come back from my destination in July (hopefully with very good news), my life is:
Working, yoga, studying and of course: having fun!

This week was busy, we started by going out on Tuesday for the opening of the Flower Power in Pacha! for me, the best party in the island: I just love it!

Then, I have been teaching a lot! and loving it, like always. My yoga teacher, Sebas and Dario and Joan and Frank are doing the OWD course (all yogis!) and at the same time I'm doing the Rescue course with our amazing DMT Borja, and finishing a few OWD course from more students from Ibiza.... wuauuuuuuuu

Yesterday night Matt came for diner, and I had so much ice cream, that this morning I nearly died! ;-) If I'm going to be sick... I may as well be sick for real and have a lot of Ice cream!

Today, is a sunday day.
Beach in the morning, nice lunch and sun set drinks later on...
For now all the house is in mega silence, and I should be studying, but I wanted to write a little on my blog first... is nice to have time by myself too... I love it!

I have to write a long list this week about all the comments that pop out this week at the dive centre... Rob did a few, I had some moments too... pretty funny!

Other that that: I can't complain!
Life is good!
Ibiza is great and I'm loving it...
Can't wait to go and to come back and have everything done, because at the moment i have a constant little stress in my belly...
But I'm ok!

I hope you are all ok, I send you love from the very sunny Ibiza