Monday, June 10, 2013

How to start...

... the perfect day off!

My only day off, as you know, is Sunday.
But for me, the fun started saturday afternoon with Seb, Dario, Joan and Frank, in the amazing dive site of Esponja!
Amazing visibility, beautiful people, just an incredible way to "start" the week end!

Look how clear is the water!!

Then, sunday morning, beach day!
Sun baking, swimming, more sun baking...
Then lunch on the terrace and the guys went for siesta (look the post from yesterday).

Then around 9pm, we got our best clothes on (even hight hills, for the 2 time this week... yes, my feet are killing me, no, I will never get use to it!), and we went to the Gallery B12.
Lots of fun, very cool expo.
We passed from Hippy state, half naked on the beach, to very posh, drinking lots of champagne!!

diving everywhere!

I want one of those