Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What is happening?

... ah yes, life is happening, and is happening real fast at the moment!
I don't even have time to think about that, I just wake up every morning and go for it!

There is amazing moment, where beauty makes me forget our shit is my inner life, and remind me how amazing is my outside life!
What I see, what I smell, what I taste... I wish my feelings were more free sometimes, and my explosions more explosives.
But you choose, you deal with it... no complains, no sadness, no regrets...

At the end... it's all good, family, friends, diving and yoga... ah... and Ibiza... for now... the balance is right...

Leaving in 11 days, I'm scared, stress, tired, and excited... when I have time!

Some pictures here, of "when life is good"

More to come, I took about 100 pictures of the sunset and about a 100 of the moon rise... all the same really, but so amazing...

peace and love

Just me