Friday, January 20, 2012

I finally understood!

To live your dreams is NOT to run after your dreams!
You have to fight for them, you have to make them happen, you have to make them real if you really want them...

So that is that! slowly but surely building the dream: THE dream!

Took me maybe too long to realise that you "have to make your own garden and that you don't have to wait for the others to bring you flowers", took me even longer to feel that I had to take care of myself and no only take care of other people, but took me only 3 minutes to realise how happy I can be.

This morning, looking for a wreck, we jumped in the middle of the blue.
Water was transparent, we could see the bottom at around 40 metres from the surface.
We were looking and looking for this wreck, but I was feeling good, just in the blue, like flying...
Crossing my path from time to time with a massive barracuda... everything was good!
Then I looked at my computer and realised that I was down there for already 10 minutes and I haven't seen any wreck!
Maybe time to go up then... and explain to the divers boiling in there wet suits that the wreck was no where to be seen...

Sometimes I wish time just freeze in this little moments where I feel so good, so free, so happy!

Actually this video give me the same feeling