Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh my god!

I'm loving it!!!

What amazing, funny, heart taking answers!
Waiting for many more pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!
I want to put at least 25 together before the next question so... I need 12 more!!!

Lots of hugs!

Here they are:

What was the last risk you took?

Falling in love... Again

My last risk was spending that month in St Martin, working on a hobby that I wasn't sure yet if it was an integral part of me, and leaving behind (temporarily) a hobby that has been my whole life for years.

The feeling I got when I first jumped in the water on my first dive after I took time off for my ear infection... that was when I really, really knew that diving is just as much a part of me as is horseback riding.  :)

My last risk was 2 years ago when I decided to take the risk of moving from US to Greece. It was a risk because I left behind my social, proffesional, and personal life at every level. I had to do it for the shake of my family (husband + 2 small kids), other wise I would have never known if it would have worked.... life is about taking risks and chances right? but we also pay dearly for their consequences.

When I decided to explore my universe, and realized that it was a mess!

The last risk i took where in the bakery (yeahhhh life is sooo existing in Barcelona!). I still remember me waiting in the queue, surended by dozens of wild clients. It was 7pm, a bad hour to go to the bakery because most of the bread is already sold. Arrived my turn, i realize that there is no more baguettes. What can i do? The bakerman looks at me, clients get tired of waiting, sweat dropling falling off my brow, i have to take a decision, a risky decision: taste another kind of bread or go to another bakery??? After sweating all my body water i decided to take the risk to taste another bread! Yeahhhh... Life is so dangerous!!!!

The last risk i took was opening a Bed and Breakfast. I try to follow
this saying :
"Take every road, no matter how much it looks like a dead-end, because
once in a while, it turns out to be a highway" - Anonymous
And the Bed and Breakfast is a highway, we are fully booked !!!!

Last year, I left my well paid job that I had for 8 years, sold my house, sold my car , went away from my friends and familly  to travel on the other side of the planet and live of my passion : scubadiving

i dived to 55m with one tank 3 weeks ago. Idiot :):)