Thursday, January 5, 2012

A new year...

I wish you all the best for the next 365 days to come!
I don't know why many people had a very strange 2011, maybe because 2012 is the end of the world... shame...
So, with no more time wasting, say good bye to all of that, let go to all the things that made you unhappy, and say hallo to a new year full of new adventures!
My year was a strange one too. But I learned, I finally learned a lot... probably not enough, but a lot!
This year I manage to break my head and break my heart and glue everything together again (I hope I put the pieces in the right place, I'm not very good at fixing).
They say that you only become a whole person, when you have been in pieces... I guess I'm on the right path... I can say, about been in pieces, was there, done that, but for sure, I will have more... because that's what life is about!
I'm trying hard to be a whole person, and keep the pieces in the right place... lets see what 2012 brings...
I want to start my 2012 saying THANK YOU:

To my family, that prove ones more to always be there for me, to feed me when I didn't want to eat, and to care about my broken heart even when I didn't want to talk.
Including my cousins calling me from Spain to Bali to tell me "don't cry", my sister that at the moment had her own shit to deal with, my niece: to slam my face real hard in the middle of my intent of meditation, sometimes, is exactly what you need!

To my friends, from London (my lovely Goats ) to Ibiza, to take care of my shit face, give me a home, and take me in there arms everyday.

To my yoga teachers, to bring out my fears about feelings, teach me to talk about me in a DEEP way and to don't take everything... to say NO and to let go!

In general to all of you that took care of me, even in Bali (thank you Rob), when I was more lost than found, and my life didn't make a lot of sense.

Sometimes we just don't say THANK YOU enough and for sure we forget many times to say I LOVE YOU to the people we really care about.

So for all of you, for all your love, to bring back the old happy smily Isa: THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU all!