Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is winter here as well

Long time...

But I have been freezing underwater! hahaha
Is winter here too! water went down to 25 degrees (thank you Scubapro for the new wet suit) and we have been really busy.
Wind is blowing like mad, so Isa is not in the moon: Isa is in the wind!
Wind is good, take away everything!!

The little family is good, keep growing and been... NOT very clever. But I guess you can not have everything: be cute and clever, that will be too much!

Still teaching Yoga to 2 students so I'm happy.
I have like a little studio at home and is nice and cosy.

What more can I say.
Not a lot, so sorry.
Today I have one of this days when I'm just out!

I think a coffee right now will save my life!

I'm counting the days for my sister and niece to come over: I can't wait!

Had a couple more answers for the RISK.
Is interesting that many of you think that you life don't have enough risks? why is that?
To wake up in the morning and live is already a risk!
To don't watch you life pass by and get involve is a risk!
To smile to a stranger, to hold a hand, to cry is a risk!
To take left instead of right is a risk!
To love like you have never been hurt before is a risk!
To cook, definitively a risk!
To believe or don't believe is a risk!
To listen, to talk is a big risk!

I had an amazing letter from Elsa, a friend from school, loved every word.

Then had a few more answers:

Hmmmmm, the last big risk I took was to leave everything behind in england and move to the south of france, all in the name of luuuurve, it has been hard learning a new language and i am still not sure about some of the food, but it was definately worth it!!

I think that a risk we take is more as an opportunity to get to know more about our insight. Through any experiences there is a potential to learn, if we open wide our "eyes", our mind. The thing is, despite it can be hard to make it happen, TAKE DISTANCE. An experience finally, regardless how good or bad it is because this is only a human subjective judgment, makes us in his own way into a process of  "facing who we are" and "for what for"...anything we run away of, it will come back another time soon or later. So there is no risk to take, only to go down the rabbit hole. I guess who is never going into this adventure live like a zombie, so wake up, you live within the dream, so make your dream happen. Your are not only an observor but a creator. Take any risk, any OPPORTUNITY. So to resume, the last and the "everyday" risk is not really a material thing, a choice etc... it's to face ourselves, clean up, move are, we are all the bright in process through the risk we take.

El Ășltimo riesgo que corrĂ­ fue hacer un risotto

The last time I take a risk what was it……
Hmm, I am the kind that take risk every day as this is to me the fun of life. They are actually not really called risk in my mind but choice. Risk will imply that I will put myself at risk, which is linked in my mind to the  dramatic aspect of dyingJ This is a personal interpretation.
So the little risk I took yesterday, was to depart on purpose too late from my house, to catch a train for Belgium. I knew I was missing time but I took the risk. It is like a game: will it work or not? It is a challenge and often it works. I am therefore always happy to take these risks which show me that yes I don t need to be hours in advance to the station to cope with the fear of being late , miss the train .. at the end, if it eventually happens… who cares?
To be a bit substantial with the topic we are discussing here. .. the last serious risk I took: it was in December 2011. I become a owner of a house in Amsterdam. me that never lived more than 4 years in the same place. Me who love travelling, discovering, me who does not have much root, me who have 1001 projects , me who is working to build up an international career… I still don t even know if I am gonna stay there, maybe In a year I am gone… but I took the risk… rather I decide that this is for now what I want… who cares about tomorrow? There are no risks, solely decisions