Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My name is ISA!

Actually I didn't know that I had such a difficult name to understand!
My full name is Isabelle, I really don't like it! I think is heavy and sounds posh... anyway... the only person that call me Isabella is Phil (for me: Philipp) and my mother when she is not happy call me ISABELLEEEEE...
From years my sisters call me Za, but I call them Ce and Mo from Cecile and Paloma... so that's ok.

The point is that I always thought that Isa was shorter, easier and nicer.

When I have been living in Asia, the people didn't have ANY problem to say and retain my name so: what's wrong with the North Americans????

First thing in the morning:

"Hello, good morning, my name is Isa"
"Hello Lisa" or "Lisa?"
"No, Isa"
"Oh... Aisha"

I mean... Seriously?????

Then on the board of the dive centre my name is ESA, Nice!

Then when the guess send some commentaries about the trip they did with us (actually, very nice ones... bless...), my name fluctuate between:
Esa, Eisa, Izzy, of course Lisa and Aisha and Elsa as well... Lovely!

So, please, my name is Isa