Friday, January 13, 2012

In the shop...

I don't like to stay dry...
For the last few days I have been a few days in the shop... but strangely, is not so boring...
Is actually a little surrealistic, and I do like surrealistic!

People come with very strange questions... it makes me wander how this people survive in they every day life. For example:

" Where do you dive?"
Me "all around the Island, the french side, the dutch side..."
"In wich side are we?"

Closing the shop, is 5pm, literally closing!
Russian couple come
" Are you closing?"
"Yes, but can I help you?" (just trying to be polite
"Yes we want a Tshirt, it will take 5 min"
"Ok, no problem" I open the shop again (it's harder that how it sound...)
Russian guy pick up a Tshirt, size L in green
Try it on... but unsure he decide to try ALL the colours in size L, green, blue, grey, black and white...
And 5 minute became 45 minutes...
I really don't get it...

We get some strange request by phone too and people seem to don't understand the word NO or we are FULL!!!

BTW, that's one of the reviews I was talking about.
What do you think if I start writing my name like that????

"Eisa (sp?) is a wonderful dive master"