Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2 days left...

... for the IDC to finish and to be back on my island!

I came across with this today, and I love Pablo Neruda, and I think this is very true:

So things start to get real now, candidates a little tired (me too actually, but I'm enjoying it, the problem is not the course, it's the crazy people shouting underneath my bedroom at 2 am!!).
But soon I will be on the hill!! calm and quiet... maybe I'm getting old, or maybe I just like to go to party, but not to be awake because of it, when I actually need to sleep!!

Here are some pics as well that I stole from facebook (can you go to jail to do that??)

Break time finish, I'm going to study and to write some stuff and hopefully sleep a little earlier (please at least 5 hours!!!) because tomorrow is the last day of Open Water presentation and the 800m swim, that I will do with the candidates!!! moral support!!!!