Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy 2013

That’s it, 2012 is nearly over (it will be over for me before you guys).
This year, I wont put my life on a scale, to see if I had a good or a bad year. The year went and I still here! So overall, pretty good!

I discovered that to look for happiness it’s pretty meaningless and tirering, because happiness it’s all around us. The smallest look, smile, flower, sun rise, sun set, fool moon, good food, amazing company, a glass of good wine, bad wine, etc… can make you happy, because is your moment. So YOU make the best out of it, and you let go to all this things that hunt your mind and are negatives, painful, make you feel bad, make you sad…

So for all this people that I strongly love, respect, miss, need in my life (because without them, my life wouldn’t be so wonderful), I wish you a fantastic 2013. I wish you guys to have time to embrace happiness, love, beauty and good moments.
I wish that all the risks you take this year make your journey through this Earth more amazing that it already is.
I wish you to don’t ever be scared, and if you are, to remember that there is always a hand to hold, always a heart to rest on, always a shoulder to cry.

From here, I just wish that in 2013, we get together many times (preferably around a GOOD bottle of wine… if I have the choice), Lots of love Isa

Stepping in 2013!!!

and sinking in happiness... ;-)