Monday, December 17, 2012

hahaha, lol or 555

Ok, i explain my title (I'm actually listening to a Webminar of Padi on line, so I'm actually working/studying).

So in Thailand HA is 5, yes, the number 5.

So yesterday Rhi explained to me that instead of writing in a message hahaha or LOL the Thais write: 555.

Maybe is because my brain is reaching his maximum (thank god i have a big head) or because I'm just an idiot, but I just find it real funny!

And now, driving along on my motorbike (my pink stylish motorbike) I have actually noticed that there is a few places called 555!

So if one day I send you a text message with three fives... is because I'm laughing very hard!! 555555555.....

If I'm back on internet tomorrow I will tell you the story of the Swedish/Beverly Hills runners that there is every morning on the side of the road!!! Is as well a funny story!

There is actually so many Swedish people here, all looking very "same same" that with my brown eyes and brown hair, I look pretty exotic!!! :-)

Lots of love and kisses

Have an amazing day, where ever you are in the world!