Sunday, December 16, 2012

I guess...

... no news... good news... but in my case, is no news, no internet!!!

The time that I spend on internet, is time to do my online stuff, I have pain on my ars to be sitting around, but soon over!! yuhuuuu!!!
I can't wait to be back in the water... hopefully tomorrow.... has not been long, but for me, too long.

Xmas is arriving, I don't really feel like xmas this year, I guess in the side of the world xmas don't come into your skin so much.

Miss family, friends, dog, cat and I miss Ibiza, it's crazy how Ibiza is intoxicating!
I try to don't get attached to the poppy that comes every day to stay on our terrace, she is soooo cute, but is a NO NO!! no more dogs or cats or penguins!! I'm not allowed to adopt anything!!

Hopefully I will finish everything that I have to finish by the end of February...
At back to Spain.
We will see...
Things to do still...

I hope you guys are good, and exited about xmas.
Drink plenty of wine and champagne for me!!!



Just me...