Saturday, December 1, 2012


Day off today!!
And I actually really needed it!

First I woke up at 9h30! For the ones that know me, know as well that I don't sleep so much, but I have been here for a week and there is a lot of noise until 2 am, so I start sleeping 5 hours before I have to wake up... and at 7 am, it's hard to open the eyes, when you have been writing business plans until 2 in the morning, or writing stories on a blog or etc, etc...

Anyway, woke up at 9h30, and put on some shorts and a T-shirt and went to treat myself with a real coffee, mmmmmmmm, coffeeeeeeeee....
After the coffee I went on an excursion, I went with the idea to be back at 12 but I came back at 2h30 pm! I didn't even know that you could walk so much on the island.
So I went all the way up to the highest point of the island, "View point" of course, so I went to view point two, and when I was coming back a girl from Chile ask me to take a picture of her, so I did and we started chating, so she ask me if I wanted to go along with her to view point 2 (just where I was) and then to a beach down somewhere. So I said, why not...
She was very nice, but a little of a slow walker, and I'm a fast walker (I think she was dying and hating me at the same time...bless), so we went up to the view point and then realised that through the jungle it was a view point 3 and then we found the way down to the beach.
The way down was interesting in the jungle: NICE!
The poor girl was not having such a good time, but me I was loving it.
When we arrived to the beach, for me it was not so wauuuuu, but ok, I didn't really want to go up the massive hill with the girl dying so I ask the price for a long tail, 200 bath!!! What??? I'm going walking! so the girl came along, and I think that buy the time I was up, she was still very far down...  I was feeling a little bad... but I felt worst when she asked me how old I was, and I said 32, and I asked her, and she said 25, but I heard 35, so I said, "you don't look like" and she looks at me and say, "35 no, 25" and I said "then you are fucked", she smiled, but maybe inside she was hating me!

Anyway, she was very nice.
I had actually a very nice morning.
So came back at 2h30 and went under the shower with all my clothes, I think I sweat all the water of my body!!

Then I just came back from a N-ICE coffee with Imma, and now is time for me to study, and do some work until 2 in the morning :-)

BTW, Happy birthday to Bernard!!! hope to see you very soon!!

The way up, man, after that I'm going to have a gorgeous ars!!!

View point 3

Way down in the juggle

to the end of the world and back

Coming back to civilisation
Number of mosquito bites: 1000