Thursday, December 20, 2012

Work when you work...

Play when you play…

And me, I love to go out and play!

Even if my  work is work, but as well, I love it so much, that I really don’t mind to wake up in the morning and work.

Yesterday I had the most beautiful day,  thank you Kontiki, to pay me to play 
We went for 3 amazing dives, nice, long, relaxing dives… I saw mi dear mini, mini, tiny nudis (really, is because of the 33% closer and bigger… otherwaise… no way I saw them), and just clear water, good divers, nice atmosphere on the boat… just loved it!

Today I did my final assessment for my theory… 100%... but really I was expecting something really hard… and it was so easy that I thought it was a joke… a little disappointed really!

I will put some pics of my play time... but internet, uploading and go pro pictures are not good friends today...

I have not forget that is nearly xmas in Europe, but I’m waiting a couples of days more, to wish you all a merry xmas!