Thursday, April 18, 2013

3rd coffee and PART TWO

We decide to stay 2 nights in La Rochelle.
The next day we went into town, even under the rain, La Rochelle is very pretty, we had a walk around and went back to the camp.
And suddenly: THE SUN!
So we went for another long walk on the beach, and for the first time in my life I found something on the beach... the what... is a secret... but now that I know how expensive it is... maybe a wallet with the money next time... ;-)

Camp two

Mayday l'autruche

the sun!!

and on the road... busy life...

The next day, we left under the sun, direction La Dune du Pyla... I didn't know yet anything about it... but is a place to come back: What a Place!

So on the road next to Royan, it's full of oysters farms... so we stopped to get some oysters... I have never really liked oysters, but maybe it's the fact to by them on site or maybe the fact that we are camping in the sun, or maybe the company or, or... I don't know, but they were just delicious!
We had them for diner, at our camp site number 3.
This place is just amazing!!
In the woods, but in the edge of a massive dune (500m hight and maybe 2km long!), facing the sunset... It's undescriptable. Just amazingly amazing... I have no words, or not enough vocabulary in English... just my lazy word: wuauuuuuuuuuu!!!!

oyster farm, mmmmm

on the ferry, our van, the first one!

lunch stop on a lake, in the sun...

and we arrived to the dune...

camp 3, and wauuuuuuuu


happy in the dune

Phil, daily walk ;-)


sun set...

just happy right now...

More to come... I took 200 pictures on the sun set, it was so nice... the thing is that the go pro is fun, but the colours are not there... so I will have to get some pictures from the boys, with they massive cameras, the pictures are amazing (boys and the toys!).

                                       TO BE CONTINUED... again....