Monday, April 1, 2013


And back to London tomorrow…

I woke up this morning, went outside for coffee and cigarette and it was snowing! I had my coffee under the snow! Incredible.

Mayday and Jack are good and happy, I guess for them, time doesn’t make any sense… and I guess they don’t know yet that they are coming to London! Crazy!

So, what about Wales…
Regardless the fact that is freezing (I mean is so cold that even the Olive oil in the cupboard is hard, can you imagine, for a Spanish person, to want to use the olive oil and… frozen!!!).
Lots of walking around everywhere. I don’t get how people can get fat in Wales, you go outside, you breath for 5 minutes, and just trying to keep warm you must burn at least 1500 kcal! I struggle, my bum, hand and feet are constantly freezing. Today I couldn’t resist anymore and got a mega jumper on sale (people don’t use jumpers here, girls are in mini mini skirt with massive low cut T-shirt with the boobs out: SERIOUSLY!!!

At least I get a taste of winter before starting my descend to the warmth of IBIZA!!

Just to put the clocks forward gave me a rush today! SUMMER is coming!!! And I can’t wait!

Yes, yes, I know, just came back from Thailand, but has already been a week of cold weather and for me…. That’s cool!

Something else about been here is the beauty of… EASTER EGGS!!! Yuhuuuu!!!
Lots of chocolate… and chocolate, when you are super cold….  Is wonderful! (thanks Peter for this word!!).

Anyway, all good in my little world.

Will write more tomorrow… or the next day… or later….

PS: and just in case you've got 5 minutes:

Thank you ;-)