Thursday, April 4, 2013

In the London snow....

... I thought the sun will be shinning as soon as we left Wales (I was actually wearing my sun glasses in the car, yuhuuuuu), but this is not the case.

I went for a nice walk along the river with Mayday and guess what: It's snowing!! It's so beautiful. Cold, but beautiful! I feel that I need to go to ski, but noooooo, because the sun is calling me and of course... work. But I don't care because I have the best job in the world, and I can't wait to make it happen!

So after the week end, we heading south on the van!
Little road trip, direction Spain!
Phil is "tuning" the van, to have space on the roof for the Surf boards and making sure that we can take a bicycle to can go to the markets on the way, to get fresh veggies and fish for amazing barbecues and "around the fire" meals!
Super hippy, and hopefully not too cold.
I can't wait to see the Atlantic dunes and waves!
And I can't wait to feel the sun on my face!

First "back to civilisation" stop will be Madrid and that will be the end of the road trip for me, because i will probably fly from there to Ibiza. Shame, because I would have love to have at least one night in Denia... I love Denia, but I don't think I will be able to. We see. Every time I make plans... they go to shit... so better to don't make any plan and live as day by day as I can. That keep my mind healthy and free.

I'm going to wait a few hours to see if the garden turn white and I will take a picture!!

Have a lovely day