Thursday, April 18, 2013


... so I forgot to tell you that eating the oysters, I found a PEARL!!! hahahaha amazing luck!

The next day we went to an amazing beach.
The idea was to surf or do some SUP... so we arrived behind a dune, carry the boards up and down the dunes (very heavy after a while) and when we saw the sea... surfing was NOT an option and SUP even less... so we went for a deep in the sea, freezing! I was wearing two rash vest, and my legs were blue!! Phil was jumping in and out the waves... crazy goat!!!

So even if the day was a failure in a BOARD way, it was amazing to play and be in the sun! I just love the beach!

During the night, jack was attacked by a fat ginger cat ( I was going to write something... but I won't, and I'm sure Phil's know what it is...), so he went missing all night and all day the next day (so that was monday) we were a little worried because it was our last day and we didn't want to have to go and leave him behind.

So during the day we went and play on a lake, we did SUP and enjoy the sun...
Water was still cold... but the place was just fantastic.
Mayday was running crazy in and out of the water and swimming after the board: very funny!

And that was our last day, SUP is fun, but to zen for me ;-)
And back to the camp for our last sun set, and packing the next day direction MADRID! (actually it was direction Biarritz, but when we arrived there, the place looked no so nice compare with where we just were so we decided to keep on driving to Madrid).

And voila... arrived to Madrid, to a nice BED!! with all of us, the cat came back as soon as the sun went down...
The boys, all of them (4) left this morning at 6h00 and here I am, in Madrid until Monday, working already toward the summer, writing the news on my blog and having some parents time, that I really enjoy!
The house feel a little empty today, but I'm sure that will be different as soon as I land in Ibiza on Monday (Bernard, J'ARRRRRIIIIIIVEEEEEEE!!!!).

So that's it for now,


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