Saturday, April 20, 2013


... I still here, but only 2 more days.
Having time with my parents, time for myself, funny...

Yesterday I went shopping, girl shopping 100%.
Underwear, cremes, and a parfum... Alien... I think the name just suits me perfectly!

It was so funny because when I was paying the creme, the girl told me:
- I put some mini cremes to "reaffirm" your breast.
Is she kidding, so I look down to my... chest... and ask her:
- What about something to make the breast grow?
So we start laughing and eventually she told me that she was from Ibiza, and I ended up buying a perfume, that is actually, mmmmmm
But something that was a shopping express... I ended up staying 45 minutes chatting with this girl, very funny.

Today I went for a long walk in the country side, under the sun... lovely...

And after country side, city side this afternoon, to try to meet up with my cousin Kiko, always an adventure.

Family life make me feel like.... THAT:

Tiny again... but is a nice feeling... no fighting, no looking, no running... just been a daughter is relaxing...

Have a good afternoon all...