Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chez Tonton Bern ;-)

(Bernard ne me deteste pas STP...).

So here we are ALL at Bernard's house!!
3 people, a dog and a cat, plus Fabien, a friend of Bernard, DJ.

To live here is actually amazing: I love the atmosphere!
This house is full of artist (mostly musicians) coming in and out of the house all day long, and I love it!

I just love open houses full of people.

Bernard has started to come to yoga with me... and he is LOVING IT!! (i'm lying!!).
The boys are working with their toys, computer, music, photo, programming etc...

Me, what can I say, I have been busy, doing a lot of writing for the web site (maybe soon some writing for the musicians!!! yuhuuuuu), organising and looking for a 2 hand car, and bying a second hand car, and now looking for a place to live.
I will stay here forever, but I think Bernard will end up drowning us one by one in the swimming pool... or poisoning us: for sure!
Talking about poisoning, I'm sure he is trying already with the Babelutten! (a sweet from Belgium with caramel and salty butter: salty butter, who does that?? must be the Belge humor! ;-))
As well, I nearly forgot about that, he bought me some drops: RESCUE drops, to calm me down... I don't get why... but I'm sure is a bad drug, and the boys try to give it to me to have peace and quiet... THANKS ;-)

Anyway, opening the dive centre the 1 of May, can't wait to pick up Rob at the airport!!!

The team is back, and is going to be great!!
I can't wait to be underwater!
(actually we are a little because is pissing with rain, but is great for the fields, the flowers, and earth!).

Ibiza still as beautiful as ever, man, I love this Island.

I was landing on monday, and a little voice in my head said: welcome home Isa.

Pretty cool for somebody that doesn't have a HOME!! hihihi!!

Peace and love


C'est tellement beau ici

Thank you Bernard: you are amazing.


Where we all going to die! ;-)

At Taco Paco: best Mexican food ever!!

All of us

The boys

Oh la la!!!

Street art

Street art again...

My egg with wheels

The big joke from Belgium!